Inspired Defiance

Why Not You… Why Not Now?

Conventional wisdom can be defined as ideas so accepted they go unquestioned. Once you stop challenging an idea, you cease to seek out the truth.  Join Travis Everette, DREI as he takes your through the journey of self-discovery. How do you find value in your individualism? What makes you question “Why do I do this?” and how do you respond once you know?  As a result of this engaging and highly interactive session, you will be able to answer the fundamental question – Why Not You? Why Not Now?

  • Conventional Wisdom and How It Defines Us if we Allow it to
  • The Value of Individualism
  • What Does Your Inspired Defiance Look Like?
    • Self-Examination – evaluate life from a different perspective
    • Identify areas you want to change and put on an action list
  • Why Not You? Why Not Now?
  • Self-discovery isn’t always about changing and remaking everything and making a recommitment to what you believe in and who you are.

* General Session – 1 Hour