About Travis Everette, DREI

Since 1993

Business strategist and educator, Travis Everette (DREI) is actively involved at almost every conceivable level in the real estate field. Producer of the hugely popular series of YouTube lectures used by more than 150,000 licensees across the country, this award winning speaker provides relatable content with a memorable energy and insightful observations on real life solutions to every day challenges. Get ready for fun, engagement, and learning about actionable strategic tools – all with the intent of helping you get out of your own way of achieving success.

Why Travis Everette, DREI

  • Introduces a new perspective regarding real estate models which will encourage attendees to reassess how they bridge gap between current business model and the emerging needs of the real estate industry.
  • For 10 years, has engaged audiences by drawing on 15 years of active brokerage experience which keeps content relevant.
  • High level business strategies of new business models delivered in an engaging way. Encourages lively and energetic discussions on common conventions which results in participants emotionally relating to the content because of Travis’s ability to use analogies and life experiences that matter.
  • Customization of programming is a priority that clients appreciate. Produces videos as an effective content delivery process which can be incorporated into the client’s marketing efforts.


Programs Offered by Travis Everette, DREI

Inspired Defiance
Why Not You… Why Not Now?

Conventional wisdom can be defined as ideas so accepted they go unquestioned. Once you stop challenging an idea, you cease to seek out the truth. As a result of this engaging and highly interactive session, you will be able to answer the fundamental question – Why Not You? Why Not Now?

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The New Frontier of Real Estate
The Changing Foundations and Dynamics of Brokerage

The real estate environment from a consumer perspective is changing dramatically. Just as the wild west had created a frontier of the unknown, today’s brokerage landscape requires licensees to adjust to shifting dynamics. Join Travis Everette, DREI as he identifies technology, systems and processes that define the new reality.

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Harnessing the Power of Personality

Personality is the force that drives us all. It’s the pattern of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that distinguish individuals from one another. If you want to be able to better interact with other people and enhance your communication skills, this session is for you. The seamless closing of a real estate transaction hinges on your ability to connect with meaning.

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Programming is designed to capture attention, fearlessly address precedence and foster collaboration by providing realistic systems that helps them define their new normal.

What others are saying...

“Oh, what I’d give to spend a day laughing and learning with Travis!”

April Taylor, Solomon & Associates
Keystone Heights Florida


“Hands down the best real estate instructor in the country!”

Willie Smith,
United Real Estate


Travis in Action!

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Mission Statement

We educate, empower and embolden attendees to accomplish their personal and professional goals because we believe in the value of individualism. Our guarantee is to provide an educational experience that incorporates lively interaction and thoughtful reflection that relates to everyday life experiences. Inspired defiance is our credo, digging deeper into the audience psyche in order to tie them emotionally to the content provided.

Creative Chaos – The New Normal

“Awesome information and presentation! Finding Travis was life changing!”

Athena Delmontie
Fonville Morisey Real Estate, Raleigh, NC


To learn more about Travis, his programs and pricing, contact him via email at travis@inspireddefiance.com or complete the form below: